The Night Caller


Sky Crime UK, Sundance TV USA, STAN Australia 

2021 Australian Academy Award Nominated.

‘I was on a trip home to Perth to introduce my wife to family and friends when I was reminded of the killings that shook my parents and the community they lived in growing up. When they talked about it, it was like yesterday. Trauma clearly still lived in them, despite it being more than fifty years prior. I was emotionally fascinated. It was from a desire to explore these long term effects on these family members, the community, that this four part film was conceived’.

Archive, dramatic reconstruction and powerful interview testimony combine to unfold the complex and disturbing story of a small community terrorised by Australia’s most notorious serial killer through the eyes of a film maker returning home to the community he grew up in.

The series was a smash hit in hometown Australia, has received rave reviews around the world and in addition to the AACTA nomination, it was submitted by Sundance Now to the Primetime Emmy Awards for five categories in 2021. 

Thomas Meadmore
Thomas Meadmore