The Missing Millionairess

(1×90″) UK – ITV1 & ITVx /
Australia Network Nine

Released – WATCH HERE

The film has a 2024 Nomination for ‘Outstanding Documentary’ at the British True Crime awards. Aired on CH9 in Australia June 2nd and won the ratings for the slot (1.1 million Aussies tuned in).

Aired to 1.2 million Britons on December 23rd, 2023 on ITV1. Was highly recommended by The Guardian as a must watch of the week, with four stars from the Daily Mail and Irish News. 

Listen to director Thomas Meadmore talking to Directors UK about making the film here.

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A compelling new documentary following the unfolding investigation into the fascinating case of the missing Sydney businesswoman Melissa Caddick. Posing as a glamorous, top-tier financial advisor for years, Melissa Caddick allegedly conned more than $23 million out of investors, many of them close family and friends. The day after police raided her home in 2020, she disappeared without a trace.


Since then, the search for answers has caught the world’s attention. For eight years, Caddick had seemed to be living the dream, with her luxurious Sydney beach house, designer wardrobe, opulent jewellery collection and a seemingly perfect marriage to her handsome young husband – here giving his most candid interview ever.


With conspiracy theories, human remains washed up on a beach, allegations of police failings and wild speculation from the public and press, this premium true crime documentary is the first unbiased, complex examination of the extraordinary months leading up to and following Caddick’s disappearance, with exclusive insights from victims, investigators and those at the very heart of this astonishing, stranger-than-fiction case.

Writer, Director & Editor:
Thomas Meadmore
Production Company: